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Sheikh Haitham went to the graveyard

We help Muslims navigate contemporary challenges by providing cutting edge research, empowering guidance and digestible content.  

As you know, we live at a time where it is open season for both politicians and the media to attack Islam and Muslims. A time where our beliefs, practices and values are openly ridiculed in the media with little or no space for us to challenge these falsehoods. We live in a very troubled world, a world that wants alternatives to the current order, a world which needs Islam. However the Islamic narrative is often missing. 

In fact the global media is one of the biggest contributors to Islamophobia, with multi-million pound budgets at their disposal. This is why Muslims need their own media to set the agenda and push our narrative for the 21st century based on seeking truth and justice. 

Alhamudlillah, there is one such project that has been empowering Muslims to write their own narrative, to stand for truth and justice and further the Prophetic vision of a world connected to the divine values of the Quran. This is Islam21C
Islam21c Editor, Dr. Salman Butt on SKY NEWS challenging the media narrative on the Muslim parents RSE protest.
Islam21c empowers Muslims with prophetic guidance and provides solutions to the challenges we face. We need empowered Muslims to be in charge of our OWN stories, set our OWN narratives, using our OWN voices.
Alhamdulillah, Islam21C is one of the highest ranked Muslim websites in the English language. It generates hundreds of thousands of visits every month with its work being cited by many leaders and influentials in our community.

However, we URGENTLY need to raise vital funds in order to continue this AMAZING work. Now, just think of the AMAZING reward you will get if you support this project. The Prophet (saw) said; “Whoever introduces a good practice that is followed, he will receive its reward and a reward equivalent to that of those who follow it...”

Imagine that, any good deed directly done because of your donation, you could have a share in that reward insha’Allah. Whether someone starts to PRAY, whether they FAST, whether they give Dawah, whether they remove harm from the believers’ path - insha’Allah you could share in that reward by giving sadaqah.

So please click the button and donate now! And also, please click that share button. JazakAllah Khair. May Allah (swt) reward you and your family and grant you Jannat-al-Firdous, ameen.

We need YOU to donate and support our work!
  •  Share in the reward of whoever acquires KNOWLEDGE of Allah (swt) and His deen.
  • ​Share in the reward of whoever prays SALAH 
  • ​Share in the reward of whoever FASTS
  •  Share in the reward of whoever gets connected to the QURAN
  • ​Share in the reward of someone who takes SHAHADAH & every good deed they & their offspring do!!
  • ​If any hardship is removed from a BELIEVER, you will get rewarded
We need YOU to donate and support our work!
  • ​ We created and published 190 ‘featured’ articles in Islamic and Current Affairs topics  
  •  We created and published 200 ‘News Views’ articles to major breaking stories worldwide
  • ​We conducted a word association social experiment on 50 Muslims & published 8 videos called ‘One Word’ series
  • ​We co-produced 23 interview style shows in a brand new show called ‘Face to Face’ 
  • ​We designed and published 32 infographics via our new project ‘Visualised’
  • ​We produced 27 short video infomercials via our new project ‘I21c+’ totalling 500,000+ views 
  • ​We hosted 8 One on One live shows under our ‘Big Discussion’ project with 8 high profile special guests 
  • ​We hosted 3 panel discussions to a live audience of over 600 people with high profile scholars & leading activists 
  • ​Our site attracted 814,000 unique users and our articles were viewed 1.7 million times. 
We need YOU to donate and support our work!
Why does Islam21c exist? 12 influential Muslims explain
"Islam21c is one of the biggest voices of Muslims in Britain"
Ustaad Adnan Rashid 
To increase the glorification of Allah  (SWT)
Shaykh Sulaiman Ghani 
To broaden the horizons and thinking of our Ummah
Shaykh Asim Khan 
We need YOU to donate and support our work!
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